About Us

DERHAO TEXTILE VIETNAM – Manufacturer, supplies interior fabrics and products made of interior fabrics.

General Information

Derhao Textile Vietnam, which is established in 1993, manufactures interior fabrics and experts in textile industry. With 25 years of operation and development, Derhao is one of the leading suppliers of interior fabrics in Vietnam with a nationwide network of agents. With a long-term vision and orientation for sustainable development, we focus on the development of specialized supply chain and production process according to European Industry – CN OEKOTEX. Nowadays, Derhao is proud to be the only company with a closed process from weaving to finished goods in Vietnam.

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Recently, Derhao concentrates on 3 main business leads:

  • Supplies interior fabrics to other textile manufacturers and process agents.
  • Assists designing and producing of tablecloths, chairs, napkins, curtains, door curtains … for the hotel restaurant.
  • Provide products made of interior fabrics for home consumption, such as sofa cloth, door curtains, tablecloths…


“DERHAO adheres to improve the quality of the hospitality industry in Vietnam through the provision of interior fabrics and products made of beautiful, safe and authentic textiles.”

Hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels, weddings, conferences) is one of the areas that are growing strongly according to the needs of customers. This is one of the highly demanding service industries which deliver valuable experience to customers. Recognizing the role of service in the hospitality industry, Derhao always puts great efforts on providing the best products that contribute to improve the quality of customer service for Derhao.

The products that Derhao offers are the interior fabrics and products made of beautiful textile, from materials to samples and finished products. At the same time, Derhao also emphasizes safety when applying strict production procedures in Vietnam and ensuring quality for consumers.


“We aim to be the leading supplier of interior fabrics and fabric products in Vietnam through sustainable development strategies based on real value.”

Derhao always tries its best to be the leading furniture supplier in Vietnam. Also, Derhao anticipates in developing value-added products that come from the trends and needs of modern consumers.

For Derhao, the leadership team always concentrates on:

  • Sustainable development strategy based on real value – Depending on qualifications and standards of European industry, Derhao generates a closed supply chain starting from raw materials, weaving, dyeing, finishing and tailoring, which performs real value to Derhao’s customers and partners.
  • Dedicated solutions – Derhao focuses on developing innovative designs and products to meet the increasing demands and trends of the hospitality industry.

Coming to Derhao, you will receive high quality products accompanied with thoughtful service.