Provides high quality chair cloths to restaurants

What do you know about the chair cloths in restaurants? Chair cloth is used in many events such as weddings, birthdays or parties, events that are invested in the incorporation, and images, etc. Chair cloth is also an indispensable product for [...]

Derhao company is expert in manufacturing high quality chair cloths for restaurants

Section of manufacturing chair cloths for restaurants When starting the restaurant, you need to select the fabric (i.e. color, pattern …), it should fits and synchronizes with other designs in the restaurant space, sizes of the chair, and [...]

Derhao – expert in manufacturing tablecloths for formal restaurants

Fabric is one of the most important factors that raise the quality of tablecloths in restaurants. First, your restaurant should invest in high quality materials to save money and time. If you only use the underqualified fabrics, you will have to [...]

High Quality Chair Cloths for Restaurants

Role of chair cloths in restaurants In modern life, when everything becomes more available and easier to find, we will start looking for the more beautiful, useful thing to use. In restaurant, chair cloth plays an important role to increase the [...]

OEKO-TEX, Criteria that Derhao standardizes

What is OEKO-TEX? OEKO – TEX is an internationally recognized certificate which proves that the product is safe for the consumer, based on the process of inspection and testing of the product from the raw material to the finished [...]

Choose the Tablecloth for Wedding – Derhao is the Place for it

How Should You Choose Wedding Table Linen? Tablecloths for wedding are wedding accessories which make the wedding space more colorful, more romantic without too much effort and time to decorate. The secret to choose beautiful tablecloths is that [...]

Tablecloth – an Indispensable Item in the Conference Room

Tablecloths are important in decorating conference rooms and wedding venues with diverse kinds of patterns. In the conference space, choosing proper colors in the auditorium, of the tablecloths, or the upholstery of the chairs will help the [...]

Derhao company provides high quality conference tablecloths with good price

Derhao company provides a good quality conference table cloth Today, many people prefer to choose tablecloths as decorative accessories in the major events such as conferences, wedding receptions, seminars, meetings, etc. However, choosing a [...]

Derhao – Wedding Chair Cloths Manufacturer

Manufacturing Chair Cloths for Wedding Attending most of the wedding parties, the chair cloths has gradually established its position as a shimmering decor of the wedding venue. First, determine what you want in your wedding dress. Do you want [...]

Choosing Tablecloths for Restaurants

Using tablecloths to decorate is a matter that not only happens in restaurants, but also in hotels, seminars, etc. The first impression that the guest feel about your restaurant will determine the success of your business, so many business spent [...]

Comparison Between Brocade Fabric and Spandex When Manufacturing Tablecloths and Chair Cloths

In a wedding venue, selecting tablecloths, chairs, napkins are the three important issues that restaurant owners and couples concern, so the raw materials, listed as the top issue for manufacturing three of them, are very important. Recently, [...]