Comparison Between Brocade Fabric and Spandex When Manufacturing Tablecloths and Chair Cloths

In a wedding venue, selecting tablecloths, chairs, napkins are the three important issues that restaurant owners and couples concern, so the raw materials, listed as the top issue for manufacturing three of them, are very important. Recently, the restaurants in Vietnam only use 2 kinds of materials: SPANDEX and BROCADE FABRIC.


Derhao Textile Vietnam will briefly list out the advantages and disadvantages of these two fabrics:


1. Pros: Less expensive; easy to produce; fast depreciation. Convenient for transportation, suitable for wedding parties in the countryside, weddings that allow smoking, outdoor parties, etc.

2. Cons: Not durable; color fastness runs out quickly; easy to get old; not luxurious.


1. Pros: Luxurious; delicate; long-term use; fashionable; Western style.

2. Cons: Relatively high cost.


Normally, when customers choose tablecloths, restaurant and chair cloths, the first thing to pay attention to is the price.If the customer is careful on their bucket through advice, they will choose the brocade fabrics for the following reasons:


The BROCADE FABRIC can be used over 02 years, when SPANDEX can only be used about 01 year.


Nearly all the restaurants in Europe and America use BROCADE FABRIC for the banquet to be luxurious, increasing the value of the party. The wedding restaurant in Vietnam also start to use BROCADE FABRIC for the decoration due to the advantages listed above.

Understanding the importance of the customers, Derhao Textile Vietnam has researched and marketed a tablecloth fabric and upholstered chair with durable materials and modern European style designs at affordable prices – NAPPE COLLECTION


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