OEKO-TEX, Criteria that Derhao standardizes

What is OEKO-TEX?

OEKO – TEX is an internationally recognized certificate which proves that the product is safe for the consumer, based on the process of inspection and testing of the product from the raw material to the finished production. It is also a rigorous standard in which harmful chemicals must be within acceptable limits, absolutely safe in contact with humans.

– Among the harmful chemicals are formaldehyde. How does formaldehyde in textile technology affect human health?

– Formaldehyde is an organic compound with many different names such as formol, methyl aldehyde, methylene oxide, methane, the simplest andehyde … The chemical formula is HCHO, a volatile organic compound and capable of Transparent, colorless, spicy, hard-smelling, highly soluble in water (if the solution is about 40% by volume or 37% by volume formally or formalin

– The World Health Organization lists formaldehyde as a toxic chemical for human health.
The human body, when exposed to formaldehyde which exceeds the allowable level in the long run, will cause serious damage to the skin and respiratory system, leukemia, multiple carcinoma in the body, especially respiratory cancers such as nose, throat, lungs, etc. Formaldehyde is the cause of deviation and mutation of chromosomes that greatly affect pregnant women.

– Formaldehyde does not exist independently but exists in the form of a solution or other compounds, and formaldehyde only evaporates under appropriate conditions. For example, the climate in Vietnam is often hot and humid (as humidity and temperature increase), so the existence of formaldehyde in the indoor environment is always higher than the outdoor environment (due to door curtain, bed linen, upholstery, carpets and plastic products used in the home …). Thus, formaldehyde contamination on human health is continuous and cumulative if it is to be routinely exposed to products containing excessive formaldehyde content.

Therefore, when choosing the products for the family including the interior, we should also pay attention to the health and safety of the whole family. DERHAO INTERIOR FIBER has been completely certified for safety (OEKOTEX standard) of the Federal Republic of Germany. Meeting the standards of toxins, consumers can use DERHAO interior fabric with confidence.

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